Womens' Waxing

All prices are exclusive of consumption tax.

Prices and Services

Customers who spend over JPY10,000 will be eligible for a 10% discount for waxing treatments

Service Time Price
Brazilian up to 30 mins ¥5,500
Brazilian over 30 mins ¥6,500
G-String up to 20 mins ¥4,000
G-String over 20 mins ¥4,500
Bikini ¥3,000
Bottom ¥2,000
Under arm ¥3,000
Lower-half leg ¥3,500
Upper-half leg ¥4,500
Full leg up to 45 mins ¥7,000
Full leg over 45 mins ¥8,000
Half arm ¥3,500
Full arm ¥5,000
Back & Shoulder ¥5,000
Chest & Stomach ¥5,500
Lip ¥1,000
Chin, ear or nipple ¥2,000
Belly ¥2,000
Nose or neck ¥2,000
Full Face, excluding eyebrow ¥5,000

Get your body ready for the summer, or make an effort to impress a loved one. We are confident that we provide the fastest and best value waxing service in Japan!

Waxing has long been the premier option for personal grooming in the West, due to its cleanliness, smooth finish and superior look to any other hair removal method. Waxing is now gaining popularity in Japan too, and La Plage hopes to be at the forefront of the wax revolution!

La Plage uses only the finest quality waxes which minimize pain and ensure all hairs are removed in one swift motion. The more you receive waxing treatment, the softer your hairs will become, and the less painful each successive treatment will be.