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Welcome to La Plage Beauty, Tokyo's favourite international beauty salon.

La Plage is a hidden gem of a beauty salon situated in between Meguro and Shirokanedai. Visiting La Plage is like visiting a friend’s house - comfortable, informal and offering affordable services. Since July 2011, La Plage has welcomed clients to come and experience the ultimate in massage and beauthy therapy.

La Plage’s forte service is sunless tanning, aiming to provide a beautiful, healthy and natural looking skin colour to fashion and beauty conscious clients.

For those who are after glamorous and beautiful eyes, we recommend eyelash and eyebrow tinting. You’ll have striking and beautiful eyes with no need to reapply mascara for 2-3 weeks. With her Japanese Hair Stylist license, Mai will create the perfect complementary eye look based on your bone structure, skin, eyes and hair colour. This service is not just aimed at the ladies – you guys should give it a go too! – after all, girls love a man who takes care of his appearance!

If you’re looking for the best in massage and beauty treatment, you’ll find it at an affordable price at La Plage. Mai will use her multi-faceted 22 years of experience from around the world to deliver a customized treatment for you. No two clients’ treatments are the same – each is specifically tailored to ensure the very best service that you will keep returning time and time again.

Other essential treatments include the re-energizing and detoxifying hot stone massage and the incredible non-surgical facial lift treatment that gives visible results after only one session.