Mens Waxing

All prices are exclusive of consumption tax.

Prices and Services

Customers who spend over JPY10,000 will be eligible for a 10% discount for waxing treatments.

Mens Brazillian waxing is available only to regular and introduced clients (¥11,000)

Service Price
Speedline ¥5,000
Bottom ¥3,000
Under arm ¥3,000
Upper-half leg ¥5,000
Lower-half leg ¥4,000
Full leg ¥9,000
Half arm ¥4,500
Full arm ¥6,000
Back & Shoulder ¥6,000
Chest & Stomach ¥6,500
Nose or neck ¥2,500
Ear or nipple ¥2,000
Eyebrow shape only (up to 20 mins) ¥3,500
Eyebrow shape only (over 20 mins) ¥4,000

Male waxing is quickly gaining popularity. In a recent survey, 80% of women said they prefer a smooth body over a hairy one. Benefits of male body waxing include improved body odour control, reduced chafing and a general aesthetic quality that improves muscle definition particularly on chest and legs.

At La Plage, we always use hot wax on all sensitive areas to try and keep any pain associated with waxing to a minimum. Our hot wax removes short, stubborn and weak hairs in one go, rather than inferior waxes which may leave hairs standing.